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Commission-free options*
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Tailored for any portfolio

  • US listed equities options
  • Level 1 & 2 (available now)
  • Level 3 (coming soon)

Trade your way

  • Form your idea, develop the algo and test its strategy; regardless if you're bullish or bearish

Automate with Alpaca

  • Program your manual option trades so they can automatically execute with Trading API

Why build with Alpaca's Trading API?

Free and Easy to Use API
SDKs are available in Python, .NET/C#, Go, Node, and more
Free Real-Time Market Data
Paper trade with real-time market data
Testing Environment
Test your trades on paper before deploying to production
Comprehensive Asset Classes
Gain exposure to options plus crypto, stocks, and ETFs
Thriving Ecosystem
Use Alpaca Connect to discover apps built by traders just like you
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Options Beta Tester

"The API was seamless and similar to existing ones, was easy to adopt."

Options Beta Tester

"Response was fast on APIs"

Options Beta Tester

"The documentation matched my experience using the API, and that's a 5 out of 5."

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are options considered riskier than other investments?
Options are considered riskier than other investments due to their derivative nature and heightened price volatility. As leveraged instruments, even a small investment in options can lead to a substantial gain or loss, exceeding the risk associated with traditional investments.
How much does it cost to trade options?
Your options trading is always commission-free with Alpaca's Trading API. Note: this is only available to our retail customers. To understand what may be considered non-retail trading activities, read here.
What options are supported?
Currently, all exchange-listed US equity options (American style) are offered. However, index options are not supported but will be coming in the future.
Is market data for options offered?
Our Trading API supports market data for options in real time.
What options strategies are available with Alpaca?
We've launched options trading for Level 1 & 2 strategies: long calls, long puts, covered calls, and cash-secured puts. However, expect to see more complex and multi-leg strategies (including spreads) available in the near future.
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